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Sounds of the Harbour at Airwaves

Reptilicus concluded Yatra-Arts’ label night at the Iceland Airwaves festival, October 30th, celebrating the release of Höfnin Hljómar, Sounds of the Harbour, a compilation Icelandic electronic music. To cite The Reykjavik Grapewine review:

“Last but not least closing the show was Reptilicus. For those unfamiliar with this duo this was witness to experimental Icelandic royalty. Over 20 years of pushing the boundaries of sound and music, they took the the stage like the sentries of the scene, sage like. This set was thunderous and unflinching. Despite the obvious lineage to industrial, kraut and Dada, Reptilicus split the sound of time in half. Simultaneously a prehistory and post history experimental electronic music. Textural, beat driven, granular perfection. In actuality, I really don’t think it is quite accurate to describe them as experimental. Other than the original output signal, their deft control and articulation of the set was poignant, sharp, and hitting.”

Reptilicus at Airwaves 2013