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Collaboration with Senking
Senking and Reptilicus, with Rúnar Magnússon on board as third member, are working on a joint album drawing on recording sessions of vintage synthesizers at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Canada, in November 2011 (among the synths were EMS Synthi A, ARP 2600 + sequencer, Moog 15, Minimoog, Roland System 100 + sequencer). In the sessions, Bob Doidge was at the mixing desk and Dean Batute provided assistance and expertise on operating the vintage gear. The sessions were made possible by William Blakeney and Praveer Baijal of Yatra-Arts.
New studio album
Reptilicus are working on a new full length studio album, the first in over a decade. The material has been written and developed live and in the studio with guest appearances by Runar Magnusson and the Crying Cowboy.

Reptilicus 20.4.2011 Johann e and the Crying Cowboy photographed by Orrustubjarki

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