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Crusher of Bones available for pre-order

Crusher of Bones, Reptilicus’ seminal 1990 album, is up for pre-order at Bandcamp, released by Artoffact Records, re-mastered from the original material by Ghostdigital’s Curver Thoroddsen.

Get 1 track now, plus the complete album on June 3rd – a beautiful digipak with a gorgeous booklet and all-new, specially redesigned artwork.

Crusher of Bones was produced by Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson in 1990 and originally released by World Serpent, London. The original vinyl was a Porky Prime Cut by George Peckham himself at Porky’s mastering in London.

Compilation CD by various TUN artists is out #TUNCD2

Featuring tracks by Reptilicus, Frank Murder, Solipsism, AMFJ +more. Tracks selected by Siggi Stasi from TUN 10” series. Mastered by Árni Grétar. Design by Mason Verger. #TUNCD2 Móatún 7 2022.

Out today – New tracks on joint 10“ with Stereo Hypnosis on Móatún 7

Today, Móatún 7 releases its first 10″ and the start of TUN series, with Stereo Hypnosis on one side and Reptilicus on the other with two new tracks: From dark yellow to bright red and Eye like w.

Available as of today on Bandcamp:

The record itself is a lathe cut record made in Iceland by in 30 copies, shipping in August.

A side written by Pan Thorarensen,
Óskar Thorarensen & Thorkell Atlason
B side written by Jóhann Eiriksson,
Guðmundur Ingi Markússon & Freyr Guðmundsson
Mastered by Árni Grétar
#TUN001 Móatún 7 2020

Mynd frá Móatún 7.

Waveshaper’s profile of Reykjavík’s electronic underground

The results of Waveshaper Media’s visit to Reykjavík are now available, a profile of Reykjavík’s electronic underground including interviews with members of Reptilicus, Stereo Hypnosis, and AMFJ. Special thanks to director Robert Fantinatto. From Waveshaper Media’s Facebook page:

Waveshaper TV visited Reykjavík, Iceland, where members of its experimental electronic music underground organized a small showcase featuring 3 of the city’s practitioners – Reptilicus, Stereo Hypnosis, and AMFJ – who were also interviewed about their music, and the local scene.

Unison out today

Reptilicus’ and Senking’s long awaited collaboration, Unison, is out today. Beautifully designed CD digipak with full liner notes covering the history of the session.

Limited to 500 copies. Stream in full at:

Google Play Music

RS Unison out

The sessions featured in the synthesizer documentary I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition (

New album – Reptilicus & Senking: Unison

Excited to announce that Reptilicus has signed with Artoffact Records and will release a collaboration this October with Raster Noton artist Senking. Electronic minimalist Rúnar Magnússon acts as Reptilicus’ third member.

The album, Unison, will be release as a beautiful, limited edition CD and available electronically. Check it out:


Mengi April 7th


Reptilicus & Stereo Hypnosis in Mengi


Icelandic bands Reptilicus and Stereo Hypnosis appear for a rare occasion of electronic music in Mengi in the heart of Reykjavík. Waveshaper Television (from the producers of the 2014 hit independent film I Dream of Wires) will be shooting the concert as part of their upcoming profile of Reptilicus and Stereo Hypnosis.

Reptilicus, a collaboration of two Icelanders, Jóhann Eiríksson and Guðmundur I. Markússon, has stalked the fringes of the Icelandic musical landscape since 1988 and counts among the pioneers of electronic, industrial, and experimental music in Iceland. Taking its cue from the intricacies of industrial electronica, the creativity of krautrock, and Dada, Reptilicus have issued a number of releases on tape, vinyl, anti-vinyl and CD where experiments, noise, percussion, 8mm and wind instruments fuse in an electronic crucible. Currently, Reptilicus is preparing a complete re-issue of its works along with new material in collaboration with Canadian label Artoffact Records.

Stereo Hypnosis began its life in the remote island Flatey in 2006. Originally founded by father and son Óskar and Pan Thorarensen, joined by the composer Thorkell Atlason in 2014. The trio has developed an organic electronic sound, serene and downtempo, and to date released 6 albums. Stereo Hypnosis has toured both sides of the Atlantic in recent years and are currently working on various collaborative projects.

From the producers of the 2014 hit independant film I Dream of Wires, Waveshaper Television is an upcoming subscriber supported web-based video channel dedicated to preserving electronic music history as well as exploring new artists and developments in synthesizer technology.

Doors at 20:30 – Tickets are 2.000 ISK – See event on Facebook

Jóhann Jóhannsson

We bid farewell to our old friend Jóhann Jóhannsson in disbelief. When words fail there is music.

Remembering Holger Czukay and U-She

We were extremely sad to hear about the passing of Holger Czukay earlier this week and, according to an announcement from CAN – Spoon Records, that U-She, his wife, had passed away only weeks before. We came in contact with Holger in the late 90s proposing a collaboration. It was a long shot, obviously, but he responded positively, suggesting he would cross the Atlantic on an Icelandic pony. While collaboration never came to fruition, we corresponded sporadically over the years. Holger was always warm and generous and we learnt, among other things, how he had loved Icelandic children’s author Jon Sveinsson, or Nonni, when he was little. He also mentioned a certain Sveinsson he had met while they studied with Stockhausen in 1964. This can’t have been anyone other than Icelandic composer Atli Heimir Sveinsson. When Reptilicus played in Bonn in early 1998, Holger and U-She invited us over for tea in nearby Cologne. We ended up spending the whole night together, going out for dinner and back to their home-studio, listening to stories and talking music and, generally, just being inspired. In the early hours of the morning, they drove us back to Bonn in an old Mercedes. A night we will never forget.